The Rock Box Loyalty Card

We considered creating some fancy points based loyalty system and looked into all sorts of ways to make it happen, but after much debate, we realised that it was all rather too complicated. Sometimes simple is best.

So simple is what we’ve come up with.

How Does It Work?

For each whole £20 you spend in store (gift vouchers, record tokens excluded), you get a fancy stamp on your loyalty card. Get 10 stamps on your card, get £10 off your next purchase.

Is There A Catch?

Nope. Obviously there a few rules around the scheme but it’s designed to be simple enough for us to manage. If you want to get into the full details of the rules, then head over to the terms and conditions of the scheme for all the details. You can find them here. Ask us if you have any questions.

How Do I Get A Card?

Pop into the store, spend £20 or more, get a stamp (or more – up to 10 per transaction) and away you go!