Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow

Cat No: 0190295469351

1. Bad Company
2. Lose Our Heads
3. Awake
4. Guilty
5. Rockstar
6. Creature
7. Dont Wait Til Tomorrow
8. Punch Bag
9. Fired Up
10. Wake Up
11. The Cure

Dont Wait Til Tomorrow is the culmination of the past years work from the UKs most exciting, and fastest-growing, debut rock bands. On their forthcoming album, YONAKA have embodied their unbridled, raucous energy and deeply personal songwriting to produce an incredibly important debut release that brims with life and chaos. Having engineered a plethora of acclaim from British media over the past year, Dont Wait Til Tomorrow sees the bands formidable frontwoman and songwriter, Theresa Jarvis, delve headfirst into hard-hitting subjects, entwined in perfect harmony with tracks that explore the complex emotions of love.




Indie Rock



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