Cat No: DCRL025RCD

Disc 1
1. Something For The Weekend
2. Becoming More Like Alfie
3. Middle-class heroes
4. In & Out Of Paris & London
5. Charge
6. Songs of love
7. The frog princess
8. A woman of the world
9. Through A Long & Sleepless Night
10. Theme from casanova
11. The dogs & the horses

Disc 2
1. Frog Princess (demo)
2. My Lovely Horse (from Father Ted)
3. Father Ted Theme
4. My Lovely Mayo Mammy (from Father Ted)
5. The Miracle Is Mine (from Father Ted)
6. Theme From Casanova (early idea)
7. Electro Wurly Groove
8. Something Before The Weekend (early idea)
9. Something For The Weekend (monitor mix)
10. Becoming More Like Alfie (monitor mix)
11. Stereo Laboratory
12. Through A Long And Sleepless Night (early idea)
13. The Dogs And The Horses (live)


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Record Label

Divine Comedy Records
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