Cat No: 19075893381

A1 Post-Apocalypto Theme 0:38
A2 Desolation 1:17
A3 Hope 1:59
A4 Cave Women 1:26
A5 Making Love 2:57
A6 Scientists 1:18
A7 Take Us Into Space 1:56
A8 I’ve Got To Go 1:51
A9 Fuck Yo-Yo Ma 1:35
B1 Reunion / Not So Fast 1:08
B2 Daddy Ding Dong 1:45
B3 Chainsaw Bazooka Machine Gun 1:00
B4 Robot 2:27
B5 March 1:24
B6 Turd Whistle 0:39
B7 Colors 2:20
B8 Who’s Your Daddy? 0:49
B9 JB Jr Rap 1:31
B10 Woman Time 1:23
B11 Save The World 0:45
B12 Post-Apocalypto Theme (Reprise) 0:40







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