Beware of The Dogs

Cat No: SC372LP-C1

1. Old Man

2. Mosquito

3. Seasons Greetings

4. Allergies

5. Tricks

6. Boys Will Be Boys

7. Lunch

8. Bistro

9. Die

10. Beware of the Dogs

11. U Owe Me

12. Watching Telly

13. Face It

Stella Donnelly is a proud, self-proclaimed shit-stirrer. On lead single Old Man, the biting opener of her electrifying debut album, Beware of the Dogs, she targets the songs titular creep, Oh are you scared of me old man or are you scared of what Ill do? You grabbed me with an open hand. The world is grabbing back at you. When something needs to be said, whether its to an abusive man, a terrible boss, or a clueless significant other, the 26-year old Fremantle, Western Australia-based musician is fearless in telling it like it is. Delivered entirely with a sarcastic wink and a full heart, Beware of the Dogs proves across 13 lifeaffirming songs the power in sticking up for yourself, your friends, and whats right.
The album showcases an artist totally in command of her voice, able to wield her inviting charm and razor-sharp wit into authentically raw songs. Its a resounding statement of purpose in recent memory and most importantly, its a portrait of Donnelly taking charge. She says, this album made me feel like I was back in the drivers seat. It was really liberating and grounding to realize that no one can fuck with this except me.




Indie Rock



Record Label

Secretly Canadian