In The Blue Corner


From London via Lagos, charismatic chanteuse Sister Cookie will take you on an eclectic excursion into the roots & fruits of black music.

Old sounds, new tricks. Sensuous, seductive and moody. Having scooped the prestigious Record Store Day Unsigned 2020 award, her debut album In The Blue Corner is available as a limited edition run on stunning turquoise vinyl, released exclusively to indie record stores this November in partnership with Record Store Day. As well as possessing a distinctive voice that’s tender and sweet when it needs to be, shes a composer and self-taught pianist who writes honest and raw songs about pain, heartbreak, suffering – all that bad (meaning-good) stuff.

  1. Cant Get It When You Want It
  2. (Youre Never More Than) Seven Feet Away
  3. Crucify
  4. Nothing Left To Do But Cry
  5. Night After Night
  6. It Dont Come Cheap
  7. You Know I Do
  8. Aint No Good (But Its Good Enough For Me)
  9. Youre Bad For Me (But Im Worse For You )
  10. Long Time No See
  11. The Sins of The Father


LP (Limited Edition Indie Turquoise Sparkle Vinyl)





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