London Apocalypticon – Live at the Roundhouse

Cat No: 0727361481001


London Apocalypticon:
1.Choir Of The Damned / Enemy Of God (live)
2. Hail To The Hordes (live)
3. Awakening Of The Gods (live)
4. People Of The Lie (live)
5.Gods Of Violence (live)
6.Satan Is Real (live)
7.Mars Mantra / Phantom Antichrist (live)
8.Fallen Brother (live)
9.Flag Of Hate (live)
10.Phobia (live)
11.Hordes Of Chaos (live)
12.The Patriarch / Violent revolution (live)
13.Pleasure To Kill / Apocalypticon (live)

Live In Chile:
14.Mars Mantra (live)
15. Phantom Antichrist (live)
16. Hail To The Hordes (live)
17.Satan Is Real (live)
18.Civilization Collapse (live)
19.Flag Of Hate (live)
20.Phobia (live)
21.Gods Of Violence (live)
22.Fallen Brother (live)
23.Hordes Of Chaos (live)
24.The Patriarch (live)
25.Violent Revolution (live)
26.Pleasure To Kill (live)
27.Apocalypticon (live)

Masters Of Rock:
28.Intro / Hordes Of Chaos (live)
29. Phobia (live)
30. Satan Is Real (live)
31. Gods Of Violence (live)
32.People Of The Lie (live)
33.Total Death (live)
34.Mars Mantra / Phantom Antichrist (live)
35.Fallen Brother (live)
36.Enemy Of God (live)
37.From Flood Into Fire (live)
38.Apocalypticon / World War Now (live)
39.Hail To The Hordes (live)
40.Extreme Aggression (live)
41.Civilization Collapse (live)
42.The Patriarch / Violent Revolution (live)
43.Pleasure To Kill / Death Becomes My Light (live)

Music Videos:
44.Fallen Brother
45.Gods Of Violence
46.Hail To The Hordes
47.Satan Is Real
48.Totalitarian Terror


1.Choir Of The Damned
2. Enemy Of God (live)
3. Hail To The Hordes (live)
4. Awakening Of The Gods (live)
5. People Of The Lie (live)
6.Gods Of Violence (live)
7.Satan Is Real (live)
8.Mars Mantra(live)
9.Phantom Antichrist (live)
10.Fallen Brother (live)
11.Flag Of Hate (live)
12.Phobia (live)
13.Hordes Of Chaos (live)
14.The Patriarch (live)
15.Violent Revolution (live)
16.Pleasure To Kill (live)
17.Apocalypticon (live)







Record Label

Nuclear Blast

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