The Alchemist’s Euphoria

Cat No: 19658708982

Armed with a high-octane new album fuelled by their trademark swagger, we delve ever deeper into serge & the gang’s anthemic pscyhedelic kingdom.

Of the new album, Kasabian’s seventh, he adds: “One thing about this record I feel over the other ones, is it definitely feels like a body of work that belongs together. It was a beautiful moment in mastering hearing it as a piece. I think it really holds up in our seven albums….The Magnificent Seven”. Kasabian are: Serge Pizzorno, bassist Chris Edwards, drummer Ian Matthews and guitarist Tim Carter. “It’s definitely music to make you feel like anything’s possible,” Serge says of The Alchemist’s Euphoria. “And it feels really exciting because, like always, this band can go absolutely anywhere.”


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