Cat No: 0190295972813

1 Wolves Of Winter 4:09
2 Friends And Enemies 4:12
3 Animal Style 3:30
4 Re-Arrange 3:38
5 Herex 3:57
6 Medicine 3:54
7 Flammable 3:07
8 On A Bang 2:38
9 Small Wishes 3:06
10 Howl 3:34
11 People 3:17

Seventh album, from Scottish trio Biffy Clyro. Constantly one of the, no wait, THE most exciting alternative rock band in the world and always ones pushing the boundaries of their sound. This is a great new album with a heavy sound!

Citing influences as diverse as Tears For Fears Songs From The Big Chair album, DJ Arca and Deafheaven, Simon Neil has described Ellipsis as more of a punch to the nose than a big cuddle. Lyrically, the albums songs tackle personal issues with the idea of fighting back a recurring theme.







Record Label

Warner Bros Records