I Love You Unconditionally, Sure...

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After achieving the highest chart positions of their career with their euphoric, alt-pop-tinged third album THE GLOW, DMAS return to their rock roots as they will be sharing their brand new EP I Love You Unconditionally, Sure Am Going To Miss You as a surprise digital drop, Friday 20th August 2021 along with the pre-order for the limited edition 12 vinyl, available 8th October 2021. The EP will be launched alongside the single We Are Midnight, for which there will be an official video to follow later that week.

A short, sharp joyride of a record, I Love You¦ represents a tribute to DMAS long-term hardcore fans as well as to the love of rock music that still powers the bands beating heart. Its a reminder of where they came from and how far theyve come. Regardless of how big they get, theyll always be the same band that used to throw a mattress against the wall to record demos in Johnny Tooks flat.

DMAS started recording demos when they were quarantining in Canberra ahead of their performance at the 2020 AFL Grand Final. Inspired by the freedom of working with no pressure or expectations, the songs quickly emerged with an organic yet intensely focused vibe. After brief sessions in Coogee with Dylan Adams (who engineered the bands earliest recordings, including the Platinum hit single Delete), DMAS had crafted an EP which blends the vibrant familiarity of their early days with the taut immediacy that they have since mastered.

This EP was in the natural trajectory that you can sometimes take in a band, says Johnny Took. You work with different producers and you want to keep changing, but theres also something in your core that pulls you back. Its cool to get back to your roots sometimes.

Thats not to say that this EP is a regression. Instead, it showcases how versatile and how muscular the bands songwriting has grown since those early days. The single We Are Midnight captures the atmosphere of hitting the open road, its distorted layers of shoegaze guitar and immediately anthemic hook echoing their love of the British indie scene. Similarly, the opener 1 Way is faster, denser, and louder than anything that appeared on The Glow. Meanwhile, Viol has a pop instinct that belies its origins as a song written by Matt Mason on a Czech dobro, while the bands first electric guitar ballad Junk Truck Head Fuck features some of their most vivid and fully realised storytelling, with a bittersweet lead vocal courtesy of Tommy ODell.

Eagle-eyed fans might already recognise the EPs title. A friend of the band had left the message I Love You Unconditionally, Sure Am Going To Miss You on a whiteboard before she returned home from Australia. It later featured in a blink-and-youll-miss-it shot in the video for their debut track Delete.

Track 1: 1 Way

Track 2: We Are Midnight

Track 3: Viol

Track 4: Junk Truck Head Fuck


12" EP (Pale Blue Vinyl)
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