The Present Is A Foreign Land

Cat No: SOAK269

Despite the impressive legacy Deaf Havana have built for themselves over the past decade, they’ve no interest in trading on past glories. Why would you, when the future is so exciting? They’re aware of the cliché but the siblings believe the new album ‘The Present Is A Foreign Land’ is the best thing they’ve ever made. A record that isn’t afraid of what other people might think, or where it sits in the wider rock scene, the twelve tracks are confident, cathartic and celebratory. Dealing in the expected and the surprising, it’s the album they’ve always wanted to make.

A1. Pocari Sweat
A2. 19dreams
A3. I Put You Through Hell
A4. Nevermind
A5. On The Wire
A6. Trying/Falling
B1. Someone/Somewhere
B2. Help
B3. The Present is a Foreign Land
B4. Kids
B5. Going Clear
B6. Remember Me

1. Pocari Sweat
2. 19dreams
3. I Put You Through Hell
4. Nevermind
5. On The Wire
6. Trying/Falling
7. Someone/Somewhere
8. Help
9. The Present is a Foreign Land
10. Kids
11. Going Clear
12. Remember Me


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