Live In Nijmegen

Cat No: DEMREC911

Captured in 2008 on the Bluefinger / Svn Fngrs tour, Live in Nijmegen features Black Francis backed by Jason Carter and Dan Schmid on ferocious performances of tracks such as Threshold Apprehension, You Cant Break A Heart And Have It and Get Away Oil.

Every once in awhile, the sound person or who ever manages to get a decent live recording in and sometimes they luck out and the band plays pretty good, too. This is one of those nights Black Francis

  1. get Away Oil
  2. I Sent Away
  3. When They Come To Murder Me
  4. Svn Fngrs
  5. Gyaneshwar
  6. Halfman
  7. All Around The World
  8. (Talking)
  9. Dead Man’s Curve
  10. Bluefinger
  11. (Talking)
  12. Tight Black Rubber
  13. Test Pilot Blues
  14. Discotheque 36
  15. Your Mouth Into Mine
  16. She Took All The Money
  17. Angels Come To Comfort You
  18. Threshold Apprehension
  19. Can’t Break Heart And Have It
  20. (Talking)
  21. Lolita
  22. Captain Pasty
  23. Band Intro
  24. That Burnt Out Rock And Roll


Double LP (Clear Vinyl)


Indie Rock



Record Label

Demon Records

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