Errors in the History of...

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In six adventurous minutes, the band explore every facet theyre renowned for, taking in the unguarded emotion of its introduction, a skewed off-kilter breakdown, and a jagged, spiralling riff that builds towards a cataclysmic crescendo.

The song reflects on friends who have taken their own lives. When you lose people that you love deeply and have been a big part of your life, it can make you question every single thing about your own life, he says. Like a lot of creative people, I struggle with dark thoughts. If youre that way inclined you realise youre staring at darkness, but you don’t want to succumb. Those moments dont stop. As the song says, The devil never leaves. Theres never a day where you wake up thinking, I feel great, it wont cross me ever again.


  1. Errors in the History of God
  2. Unknown Male


10" (Limited Edition)
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