7″ Kit for Pro-Ject Record Cleaning Systems

The 7″ Kit modifies Pro-Ject Audio record cleaning machines for use with 7″ records.

Consisting of an alternative clamp and vacuum arm, the kits have been specially tooled to allow for the smaller record labels and further-in record grooves often found on 7″ singles. The standard arm and clamp cannot effectively cover a full 7″ record, so this kit makes the job much easier.

Key Features:
  • Kit consists of a replacement vacuum arm and clamp
  • Allows for full cleaning of 7″ records
  • Easy to install, simply switch out the standard 12″ components supplied
  • Ensure that you select the correct kit option depending on which Pro-Ject Vinyl Cleaning System you have:
    • VC-S kit is compatible with VC-S, VC-S MK II and VC-S2 ALU record cleaners
    • VC-E kit is compatible with the VC-E only

The Vinyl Cleaning Systems VC-S2 ALU & VC-E are sold separately




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